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Old 2013-07-05, 04:37
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"You see the flower in the dash? Bitch, that represents money, power and cash."

Genius lyric. Laughing and loving the tune.
Old 2013-07-05, 08:00
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"I know how to treat you baby.. Pleeeh!" Haha, loved the Pleeeh thing.

Your doubling of vocals should get more attention in the mix. And is seems like you have doubled your own vocals? For instance "F***" at 01:48 and "Grandmas cooking" 02:06.. In the video you both sing, but it sounds just like one. Just my opinion, not sure my headset is telling the whole truth.

Either way, this is awesomeness at its best. Hope you get rolling with this one
Old 2013-07-05, 17:03
Sampire Sampire is offline
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thanks for the feedback Wensell!

the only doubling, backing or layering (whatever you want to call it) of vocals takes place on the hook and on my verse (first guy) when I say "BUCK BUCK!!"
Old 2013-07-20, 00:45
samuellell samuellell is offline
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quite funny good job =)
Old 2013-07-20, 06:26
ThaRealest ThaRealest is offline
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hahha good stuff. u guys have good flow and lyrical schemes.
Old 2013-07-20, 09:11
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Just watched this and every other Skinny Blimps video I could find. Very funny and entertaining music videos. On this one, those drums sound amazing. What drums were used? Also, how do you do a record scratch in Reason? Song is amazing and these guys should be huge! Gonna share on facecrook.
"Life is a movie, you're a star."
"Don't waste your talents."
"Give music life!"
Old 2013-07-20, 17:58
Sampire Sampire is offline
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Hey Torus, glad you like! drums I used: a Kong with the Gangsta Kit and layered in my own samples from various packs, over some of the kicks and snares and hats....actually I think i replaced a lot of the kits sounds, so its basically my own kit compiled from various packs collected over the years. There is a rock/metal type drum loop from Dr Rex layered over the programmed drums.

As for the scratches/cuts...I realized after I titles and posted this thread, that the statement of it being entirely produced in Reason wasn't entirely true - because the cuts I recorded via Traktor, wired into Reaper.....then imported into Reason. Would be amazing if I could do that in Reason!

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