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Windows 8 scaling

Hi all - I've got a touchscreen Windows 8 tablet (Samsung ATIV Pro, innards similar to Microsoft Surface) and have been in touch with Propellerhead support to help me disable display scaling.

My tablet has a high resolution display, so I use the Win 8 display scaling feature to make most applications render 'bigger', improving legibility on the physically small screen.

This looks fine for most office type apps, but some applications are rendered badly, with text and graphic scaling resulting in 'blurry' anti-aliasing.

Most apps which scale badly (only 32 bit apps it turns out) can be forced to not scale via the 'compatibility' menu (right click on app or shortcut, select 'Properties', go to 'Compatibilty' tab, and select the 'Disable display scaling for high DPI settings').

Peter, a Propellerhead dev, explained the following:

display scaling on Windows is a bit tricky, I can recommend reading up on how it works on this page:

At the bottom it describes why you cannot disable the checkbox, since Reason is a 64-bit-program:

"64-bit Applications — For no apparent reason other than to annoy 64-bit users, Microsoft disabled the above check box for 64-bit applications, even though the option itself is perfectly functional when set directly in the registry! So you’ll have to start up Registry Editor and navigate to this key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
Now add a string value (REG_SZ) whose name is the full path to the application executable and whose value is HIGHDPIAWARE. I recommend that you first modify a few 32-bit applications as described above, so you can see some example values in this registry key."

Another thing you can do is to turn on the "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling" in the "Custom DPI Setting" dialog(also in the article).

If you do that, then Reason will not stretch any bitmaps, but will have larger size for menus and dialogs.

/ Peter

I've done it via the registry and it works great. I now have a pin sharp app display (albeit small) and touch control of all the knobs and faders in Reason.

Hope this helps someone.


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