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Depends what youre going for in terms of style, also whether its a female or male lead (this will dictate largely the spectrum of boost and cuts Hz-wise across the MClass EQ(s) you stack. I like to keep my reverb in the send fx unless you are using a specific algorithm for spatial effecting. Also, when it comes to verb - as soon as you can actually hear a discernable "tail" its probably a click or two over what you want. Verb should be there to bolster but not direct the sound - so i like to have two different verbs at the minimum for most sounds - one RV-7 (little red verb) and one RV7000 (purple algorithm verb) - both as channel sends. Those particular settings will depend again, but the RV7000 is usually super low on the wetness like 7-10 and the RV-7 depends on which algorithm youre using.

Compression ONLY necessary if its a. shitty recording b. wide dynamic range (a lot of difference between the highs and lows of the vocal itself) c. you are looking to emphasize a particular amplitude spectrum via compression.

imagaing is great - since the vocal will likely not need anything below the +/- 200HZ range, I like to slap one image set to regular mode and tune to taste, THEN throw a second image on set to highpass, and tune to taste (150-200hz range on the crossover will sufffice prob).

limiters - you will get mixed opinions and again really depends on the recording quality - limiting is really just excessive compression, so if youre compressing you may need to experiment with limiting and vice versa but neither are necessary for a final product sound.
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