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Originally Posted by tincture View Post
The more I have spent on REs the more relevant this issue has become for me, which is pretty obvious. At first I wasn't too concerned as I hadn't spent that much, then I just thought there'd be a way to get around it - maybe by selling my licence and the new user adopting my ID etc - but it's become obvious that that wouldn't work out really.

I don't plan on moving away from Reason or selling my licence but life's unpredictable and I have to say that I'm a lot less likely now to spend big amounts on REs. I'd love to get the PX7 but I'm not comfortable spending that amount anymore without any value remaining on my investment.

If I bought a NEW car knowing it had a zero re-sale value I'd worry for my sanity. I guess the analogy here is that you have to think about REs as buying a used car and then running it until it breaks rather than selling it, i.e. you are paying for its use rather than any investment value. And by that analogy now that I know there is no way of getting any return on my RE investments I will only spend much smaller amounts than I have done in the past. No more Predator or Antidote level spends for me. It's a shame because I would love to buy FET, Trident etc.
You are 100% right.
I actually did the same, and i believe a lots of ppl have done it to. Stopped investing into reason sofware.
For two reasons:
I didnt not buy reason 7 upgrade, cause i dont like to be forced to buy rack ext - in this case audiomatic something. I laughed when i saw that audiomatic something is available separetly as rack ext after raeson 7 has been released. Not cool. Means they're trying to rip me off.
Second thing is that as its said, i cant resell rack ext plugins. I own a lot, really and i'm not sure if i should be proud of it. For example Softube fet comp is great, bot won't do every job. I'm stucked. Cant sell it and buy some more universal compressor instead of this one. Not cool.
Yet another thing like lack of plugin delay compensation drives me crazy!! How can i think of reason as a fully professional DAW when such an issue is a struggle.
At this moment i stopped using reason to see how things will evolve. Slowly moving my love to ableton. Cheers guys.

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