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Three Enhancements

1 - Versions:
Actually when I compose music I save every version on a new Reason file everytime I do important changes (SSL Mixer settings, sequencer changes, Rack connections changes,...). But sometimes I go back to old version to retrieve something. Actually every file has built-in sequencer Midi information, audio wave files, ...
If you have an important number of versions they waste too much hard disk memory and every version has to be opened on a different Reason session.
I think Reason files should have different layers inside where every layer can be a different version (similar to actual takes but on superior level containing different versions of entire song). This can save memory because same audio wave files are stored only once and every version can store only pointers to the same audio wave file. Another interesting thing using versions can be fast sequencer tracks comparison between diferent versions if you have a fast option to change between versions when you see a track, an SSL mixer channel comparisons, Rack extensions comparison (like equalizers),... and of course fast copy and paste between different versions.

2 - Ghost Tracks:
Sometimes I record melodies including chords that I want to spread later to stereo. For example a chord of three notes can be copied to different tracks and then I pan one track to left, another to center and another to right deleting all notes on a chord except one on every track but trying to have three notes of the chord on different tracks to get stereo chord. Actually I can only see one Midi track when I'm editing but I want to see for example two Midi tracks at the same time: The track I'm editing and another parallel ghost track to see what I must delete and what not.

3 - Sequencer improvements:
Actually on sequencer when you select "Selection Tool" you can swap between "move/change note length" and "Pencil Tool" using Alt key.
When you select "Pencil Tool" you can swap between "Pencil Tool" and "move/change note length" using Alt key.
When you select "Eraser Tool" you can change between "Eraser Tool" and "Pencil Tool" using Alt key.
I think this can be simplified using additional Smart Tool:
When you click over empty zone -> Write note like if you use Pencil Tool.
When you click over note and drag -> Move note like if you use Selection Tool.
When you click over final edge of a note -> Change note length like if you use Selection Tool.
When you click over note using Alt key -> Delete Note
Actual Tools like "Selection Tool", "Pencil Tool" or "Eraser Tool" can remain for people that prefer to use them or for big selection ranges and Smart Tool can be another new tool to simplify and accelerate editing.

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