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Originally Posted by ccso151 View Post
Hello Propellerhead community. I have recently started experimenting with time stretching my mixes. (By CTRL dragging the track) For some reason most of the time when I do this it changes the pan of the mix to the left. And when I try to over-ride it on the mixing board it just goes back to the left position as if it was automation. Can someone please explain why this is happening and let me know how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, KC
Are you saying the mix itself sounds panned to the left, OR that the actual Pan KNOB goes to the left? If it's the knob, then most likely some data is being sent from a controller that is moving the pan knob. This is a common issues, where a knob or slider on a physical controller is sitting there sending out some data - the fix is to move all your knobs/sliders back and forth a few times to 'clear' them. That's all I got, hope it helps! :-)
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