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Originally Posted by creativemind75 View Post
No you and Colcifer both said cut and paste the vocal and fade it out. I don't want to do that, as it sounds steppy and not natural when I did it. I just want the vocal to repeat once in the next bar using reverb or delay, think it's delay I need (seeing as I did it on Cubase years ago using a BPM Delay plug-in effect, You highlighted the audio you wanted to repeat, set the bpm, set the amount of delays and fade in/stay the same or fade out and it sorted it) and I want it to fade out in this instance. You'd think it'd be easy. Using that plug-in on Cubase years ago it was a doddle. Can't believe it's taken me hours to try and achieve such a simple thing and still no closer.
It IS a simple thing, and we have given you simple solutions - you are actually making it more complex IMO! A pasted vocal is exactly the same thing as a single "delay", and so I think something is getting lost in the translation here big time. Sorry I'm not abel to be more helpful… :-)
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