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Pitch Wheel Interval

I have been using Thor for some microtonal compositions. There are no really good ways to do what I am doing in Reason. By really good, I mean streamlined way. After some research, there are some free tools that might help, but I don't relish using anything outside my Reason DAW.

Thor gives me the ability to get a whole octave so I can divide the 1200 cents between root and Octave, but I would really like NN-XT to do this. Anyone have any ideas? The sample set in NN-XT is far superior to what Thor does in synthesis. I want piano tuned microtonal. I want a whole orchestra tuned using true ratios, none of this equal pulp Bach and his buddies force fed us all. Maybe I want perfect thirds rather than perfect fifths, and 17 notes to split up an Octave... But I want it using a traditional texture so I can feed it to my symphony buddies.

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