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I can't believe the Line6 amps in Reason have never been updated! I've said this a million times in my own posts as well as others' posts:
The bass amp device isn't bad for cleans but I sure could use more options/tones. As for the guitar amp device, I am sadly disappointed. I was so excited with the release of Record that that is when I became a propellerhead, as I am mainly a rock musician. I had high hopes for updates as Reason progressed but that is the only love we guitarists have received- basically a sample pack.
Luckily we have the Kuassa Vermillion guitar amp RE on the way. I hope I'm not breaking my beta test contract but it's no secret at all that it is coming soon. I won't go into detail about it but it'll be nice and I look forward to other RE developers getting on the bandwagon. Softube, Amplitube, Guitar Rig, etc. would be f&%$^*@ WAY2COOL.
I am not into CPU killing combinators and fx just to get a decent tone. Listen to rock n roll; there are endless guitar tones out there and we barely have a few decent ones in the stock sounds of Reason. Guitar amp sim technology has advanced so much there is no reason why we can't get the same love that other DAWs do.
One last thing- some have said recording is new for the Props and we should be patient. I would argue it has been over 4 years now...............................
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