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Another thing to consider, is the speed at what the Matrix patterns can switch. If you change the tempo signature settings (ie where you have 4/4, change to something like 16/4) so you then allow 16 beats per 4 bars. When you use your Matrix to swap patterns you can now trigger them 4 times faster for their starting position, instead of waiting for the beat switch comparing to the 4/4 signature.

This means then you can trigger Matrix patterns on 3/16th instead, so you can make some very clever edits and effects in this way. Add the shuffle control on top, voilá a new way to sequence Matrix patterns

just something to play with you can do this is any version of Reason.

Alternative approach is to bounce your Matrix loops to audio, then REX the audio to Kong Nurse Rex, or Dr.Octarex, and do loop triggering etc that way, for another way of manipulating your loops

SIDE NOTE:... you can use the 'Pattern OFF' on the Matrix automation lane too, so you can silence the Matrix patterns from playing too, good for transitions or spacing some elements (of course you can mute your mixer track or use flying fader approach....)

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