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First let me vouch for the headphones advise. Best way to kill feedback is not even giving it a chance and use headphones.

Anyway, audiocards can be a real problem to level in this situations, so here is what i usually do.

First of all you have to make sure your audiocard is able do direct monitoring ( if it doesn't its crap, since most of them do). If it is a selection make sure it is on.

Second, you will need to crank up your headphones volume Until you are comfortable with the sound of your voice.
Now that you have a good amount of voice "in your head", go to reason, set the master level at 1/3 of the way. This is only to record and rehearsal so remember not to save your project like this.

Now, create a track for your vocal. This track is not to be heard but it is to record your voice and give some feed for effects.
Set the monitoring on and start tweaking the fader level and send effects amount. Mind you do not want to hear the voice here, but almost only the effects. This is because you will have a fair amount of latency here that will blow your head when singing...

Play with these settings until you feel comfortable with the amount of music, instruments, vocal and effects, hit record and have fun!
Good Luck,
Configure Multiple Behringer BCF2000 on Reason 6:

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