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Old 2013-08-13, 19:11
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Vaguely related but here's a tip that will save you a few hours in a year.
Find a clip you're working on and click on it to highlight it in the sequencer then press Ctrt (or Cmd) and L. This will set the left and right loop markers around that clip.
It's already the case that if you hit stop once it stops, if you hit it twice it goes to the left loop marker and if you hit it 3 times it goes to the start of the song. Pressing the ' . ' key on the number keyboard jumps the play header to the start of your song, the space bar is probably the key you want to use to start/stop your track and enter is the play button.
To rewind and fast-forward use the number pad 4 and 5, 7 and 8 jump bars.
I might as well mention the other buttons on the number pad now... '/' toggles looping, '*' starts recording, ' + & -' changes tempo, 9 toggles the click, 6 adds a new alternate track and 3 adds a new dub.
The 'insert' key brings up the instrument browser... anyhow, it's all in the manual.
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