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Old 2013-08-19, 03:31
danktle danktle is offline
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Time to bring back an old dead horse around here... VST SUPPORT IN REASON 8!!!

Seems to me that the bulk of items on the wish list can be solved in one fell swoop...

VST support. Or RTAS. Or whatever format. But something is needed to get third party plugins working inside of Reason. Period.

C'mon Props. We've been asking for this in one way or another ever since Version 2.0.

It won't defeat the purpose of RE's. RE's = pretty inside the reason rack. VST's = ugly additional floating windows that I agree that go against the INITIAL grain of what reason was designed to do. But it has to be done. you have reached the crux of what this program can do by itself, and you're killing yourselves by trying to reinvent the wheel with every upgrade of this program.

With RE support and the SSL mixer, along with multiple other oddities and what I consider to be admissions of oversight on your behalf (as evidenced by two compressors, "improved" EQ's, not to mention a Vocoder well before there was external audio capability, and so on) Reason has long since violated the prime directive of being simple and straightforward. Not to say that you have taken steps in the wrong direction or that the program is no longer user friendly, but instead, I'm arguing that you have been inching closer and closer to the ultimate fate of what Reason should and could have been all along. Ever since combining Record and Reason into one program, you have stepped into the Major Leagues of DAW's, and you are now staring at a gaping hole in your feature set.

ReWire is still the only way to get the best of both worlds, but are you telling us that buying two DAW's is the solution? What program should we use to record audio? Reason, or the other guy's software? Are we supposed to deal with two full featured mixers with professional quality channel strips? Two programs that handle unlimited midi tracks? Two programs that handle audio recording??? Why can't I have a Thor, a Maelstrom, and an FM8 or Moog Modular V all working in concert under one hood?

Again, I can't stress enough that I'm not trying to bash a beloved program that I have been loyal to since the beginning, and will remain loyal to no matter what comes next. But I’m saying that those of us who are devout followers will push your product into the realm of the competition as the single best DAW available on the market. You are one small step away from being that product. And you need to stop shying away from the next logical step that would’ve put Reason at the top of the heap long ago.

You will have all of your current instruments and devices as proprietary inside of your program, but with the holy grail of being able to combine them with third party plugins. Waves. Native Instruments. Arturia. Sony Oxfords. Izotope. And so on down the line. Being able to open these up would finally establish Reason as the product it was meant to be: the leader of the pack.

C’mon, Props. It's time.

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