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Old 2013-08-26, 15:26
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Originally Posted by mrjassonturner View Post
Dude, are you serious? How would Props integrating VSTs be "unfair" to developers of RE's? So are you insinuating that RE's are so poorly developed that they could not compete with 3rd Party VSTs if Users had the choice between the 2? Because that is what it sounds me. I mean, if you say that 3rd Party VSTs would compromise the stability of Reason....for those who choose to use them....then couldn't this drive Users to flock to REs if stability was an issue for that User? And if Vst's were so crappy, and they worked so poorly with other Daws, then stability shouldn't be a problem for people who have been using them all along....should it? They should be pretty used to crashes by now ...right?

I truly cannot comprehend why you and others seem to abhor all things now...I've answered your question. Could you answer mine? How would Vst integration "compromise" the stability/work flow of a User who does not use Vst plug-ins? Will not use Vst plug-ins? Never has plans on using Vst plug-ins? Have you even used Vst plug-ins before? When was the last time you even used a Vst plug-in? Most technology these days get upgrades ya know.

I've used plenty of Vst's and the few crashes I've experienced mostly depended on the Daw and the dev. of that particular plug in. Some work like charms...while others.....

Further, free market enterprise is competitive. Sometimes my friend, competition is unfair. Competition is what innovation thrives on, if you ask me. Maybe integration will get better RE's for the non-Vst peeps. Ya neva know.

Contrary to your belief, the general opinion of the consumer segment of the market that I happen to be a part of counts. This feature is one of the most requested features since forever. And why would I take the fact that "high end" VST devs have no plans to port their plugins to RE...just for them to counter with, "why can't Propellerhead integrate like EVERY other Daw on the market?"

Moreover, I'd buy REs despite Vst integration. There are some cool RE's in the shop that I would have purchased regardless. Why? Because at the end of the day, whether it's a RE or a Vst...they're just tools to get results...period.

And wouldn't this topic be redundant if Reason had Vst integration already?
You still refuse to answer my question in a logical manner. Clearly read my questions again, I wont even waste time addressing your assumption about me insinuating that REs are inferior. We can have this discussion but put your emotions aside and read my post clearly. Again read my post clearly and answer my questions honestly please. Answer them.

To answer your questions. I have not suggested that VST would compromise Reason, I said its redundant. Can deconstruct the argument that VST at this point is redundant in a honest and logical manner. VST devs are porting their plugins, it makes no logical sense to support VST when you have a technology that is offering options for support similar to that of VSTs but within the advantages and strengths of Reason. Again address and deconstruct this argument please. Answer my questions.

I have dabbled with some VSTs before I got into Reason. I used to own Live and still own Logic 8. I actually downloaded GS-201 to test it out again a few days ago. Quite a bit of hoop jumping to get it going in Logic, what takes no time with REs took me scouring the web for instruction or how to get a trial VST software working. I did manage to figure it out 25 minutes later.

The topic is redundant because ports of VST are coming to Reason. Again their is already a plugin technology available. When dealing with technology you avoid redundancy at all cost.

You seriously think PH didn't weigh the pros and cons before creating their own plugin technology?

If high end devs don't want to support the platform its their lost. They are at least guaranteed to get paid for their work with REs.
The more music you make.
The less you worry about RE SDK.

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