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Old 2013-08-27, 14:44
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Originally Posted by peterlansford View Post
This punches through with so much interest. I like that smooth breakdown and those transitions were awesome - something I need to take note of. Sounds like vocals were mixed in just right. Excellent work.
Thanks Peter for the feedback. Transitions can be a hit & miss sometimes, but it helps to experiment with ambience and automation. I'm glad you like the vocals. Vox can be a pain to mix at times, Selig leveler does wonders with that.

Originally Posted by JpPropellaed View Post
Altogether a nice track guy's Opening intro nice & dark & then on to what i call a Plodder, like the classic [Head-nodder] Track time. >>>> 2.16 Is that Guitar with the new Amplification ? what ever it is,its a lush sound , i also like the sequenced riff that drops at 3.33 / very nice: & of course' the vocals! i don't know the original track, but i enjoyed this so much, i played it 3 times on the trot. Great work Guys & EcoPro for adding a New_Electronic_Glossy coat
lol...plodder huh? At 2:16 it's the transition with 2 antidotes and then Antidote lead 1 kicks in. At 3:33 is the 2nd Antidote Lead affected heavily by the Amp Vermilion Re. Thanks for listening JP! I appreciate your time.

Originally Posted by JpPropellaed View Post
Actually, i just listened again / Lyric's are very interesting , i concider myself WOKE_UP ! thats 4 times ' hehehehe
I'm glad you felt the lyrics dude. They're simple but effective word play. A lot of us can relate to them, I know. When I wrote them, they were directed at someone I know who was giving up on life. Sad stuff, but this person is in a very different place now, and not particularly thanks to this song. )We all need a slap in the face sometimes to wake the feck up!
A new day is coming...

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