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Originally Posted by 3rdFloorSound View Post
looks like it's -31 cents judging by my scope.
Close. It's -31.767ct. It's actually -31.76665363342928ct, but AP Tuner rounds it off to 3 places, so that's where I tune my instruments when I'm messing around with a432.

Retuning the samples, then creating a432 versions of your multisampled instruments is A LOT OF WORK.

There's a lot of snake-oil and tinfoil surrounding a432, but one thing is certain: I find it a lot easier to sing using a432... so maybe the work might be worth it.

You'll need another DAW running as ReWire master (I use Ableton Live). Then you just record the NN-XT's output (a sequence of all of the notes in an NN-XT group).

You can chop the long audio files into individual samples and batch-repitch them to a432 in Audacity. Audacity is GREAT for doing this.

Then create a new NN-XT, copy a group and its zones from the old one, and Reason will let you batch-assign the repitched samples if you follow the same naming convention for the new files.

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