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Smile Auto side chain

id like to find a auto-side chain RE in reason please
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Originally Posted by DENEUVILLE View Post
id like to find a auto-side chain RE in reason please
What would it do differently from a compressor? The MClass compressor is as close as you could want already, unless I'm misunderstanding you. Simply add it to a mixer channel and choose your 'trigger' source and you're done. You can also just use the SSL compressor that's in each channel by simply patching the side-chain input. I'm not sure how you would make it more 'auto' than that, again maybe I'm missing something. :-)
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The button for this should be next to the "Auto hit song" button.
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It may be the "sidechain source" button on the channel ssl mixer.
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@selig: Do you know vengeance sidechain? This would be great as re device
You can use midi, audio or a manual drawn compressing curve as sidechain input.
This is a kind of auto sidechain, because it dont need a midi / audio source.

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