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Old 2013-09-02, 01:22
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EQ Presets for SSL mixer/channel strips

Since the channel strips are just like SSL strips, how about integrating a preset bank for things like, Backing Vocals, Drum Overheads, Lead Vocal, Guitar, Piano, etc etc etc.

EQ presets teach a lot to someone. Also, the Waves SSL Channel Strip plug-in comes with a MULTITUDE of presets designed by actual engineers. Just about any instrument or common track someone deals with in a studio has a preset for it.

Definitely one of the very fine hallmarks of one of Waves best offerings ever. Because the SSL set from Waves is WIDELY regarded as some of their best work ever. And for very good reason.

I cant remotely see how this would be to anyone's detriment.

Pay a known engineer for a days work and keep his presets.

This is not a bad suggestion.
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