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Aiden, in return for our expert help in acoustics you should post the link for that video because i can't find it!!!

Selig, when i took care of my studio, i already felt results only with the front bass traps. A great thing about these bottom to top designs is that they work as a bass trap and a mid range trap (some call them broadband traps), and they are effective all bands down to 100 Hz. The fact they are bottom to top AND they are not placed on top of the wall leaving some space to the back (20 cm) helps even further at lower frequencies.

Also, and i keep referring Ethan because he is the real expert here, there's a great article about room dimensions and listening position. Point is, just the fact that you position yourself, the monitors, and the relation of this triangle to the size of the room, improves a lot your listening experience. The listening soft spot is somewhere around 38% of the longest wall, but since this ratio was designed for soffit mounting, you will have to compensate.

What i did was take back the monitors 20 to 30 cm from the wall. Even if you don't have back ported monitors this will help to tame some of the bass problems.

Then, from that position you will have to put your chair in the soft spot (go for 40%). Now get your monitors and place them within an 3 equal sides triangle.

I'll try to find some schematics.

Either you go for the bass traps, or the auralex or the DYI, don't forget to treat first reflections, and if the room is small, add some absorption also on the back of the room. AND be sure to position your years and monitor tweeters at the same level.

PS.: Auralexy is the easy fast messier way... IMHO.
Good Luck,
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