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I like the audio to MIDI idea. I play drums and would like to layer my drum sound with other goofy/interesting things afterwards in automation. Especially on my snare when I'm playing that sweet Reggae music
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Originally Posted by kenporter View Post
My Reason 7.5/8 feature list:

- support 32bit audio
- ability to type in values on mixer, rather than having to drag the mouse.
- automation should display actual unit/value in sequencer, i.e. dB for mixer track level rather than 0-1000.
- delay compensation to make sure all tracks are aligned properly when chaining various REs etc. Automation should be delay compensated as well.
- when selecting several tracks and pressing solo, it should solo all selected tracks at once, when folding or unfolding it should fold or unfold only selected tracks. Same with mute, record enable, adjusting volumes on the mixer (should be relative), etc.
- regions and midi notes should snap absolute and relative to the grid, not just relative.
- key command to transpose a midi note by an octave up or down, I.e. CMD+SHIFT+ up/down arrow for example.
- key command to change the grid, i.e. CMD+1 to half grid, CMD+2 to double grid.
- grid should have the ability to be adaptive, i.e. when zooming in the snap to grid should change, i.e. from 1 bar to 1/2… to 1/64 when zooming in.
- split notes with razor tool.
- smart edit tool rather than having to select edit tool for various task.
- key command to duplicate regions while music is playing, copy and paste does not work while music plays and having to hold opt+ drag is slow when copying multiple regions.
- ability to import audio while sequencer is playing.
- drag and drop audio files from browser into session.
- Rex and audio should optionally preview at set sequencer tempo.
- timestretching feature in sampler, including Kong's.
- editing capability of multiple regions from separate tracks at once. This is great when creating harmonies using various instruments.
- folder/group tracks to clean up the sequencer view.
- MIDI tracks, i.e. I would like to be able to record the output of CV Tuner to a new MIDI track.
- more key commands for often used tasks, i.e. solo a track, mute a track, etc.
+1 on this, especialy the shortcuts for transposing notes. Also Right Click on the Mixer-EQ-Knobs should open the FFT-EQ-Window.
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Curves for automatios...
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Lightbulb bounce clip to Rex loop (quality settings option)

when i bounce to rex loop i would like to have an interactive Khz/bit depth selector as a part of the process.

having a toggle wave view and frequency view in the window of rex would be nice

some ability to restrict the playback of rex slices to conform with midi tuner rack extensions.

think if the software that exported the original wave file was able to embed midi relational data into the waveform , the rex bouncer could then assign notational data to rex slices... this would then cascade out to playing some slices or not when the use of a tuner is present ..

conversely the user could opt to pitch shift the samples to adhere to the currently selected scale and key.
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way more combinator programmer cv inputs!

currently we have only 4 aside from the rotary pots...

- the least amount i would want on the combinator cv inputs for the modulation matrix is 32

- turn animation of automation on/off button

- no triplets in the modulation routing

- support for loading in more than one audio channel with a combinator preset
think about an 8 bus for drum setups.

- more than 4 rotary pots and 4 buttons

- live PA oriented "master control center" where a bank of 16 rotary pots and buttons would reside in the top left by the mastering section and be assignable like a global rack wide modulation routing center.
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in the dr rex player it would be very good to see the exact bit rate and depth of the sample being played at a glance
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Cool why snap when you can solo smoothly?

main mix soft knee solo and mute automation feature

when i click on a solo button on/off i want to gracefully transition from one state to another , perhaps over the course of 1, 2, 4 or 8 bars

it would be very cool if we could introduce some sort of fader automation feature that would enable this modality!

all of the ones that are muted take for example 2 bars to go back to their un muted / soloed states as a gradual interpolation .. remember the watermelon fader unit .. the idea of different transitional curve profiles would be a welcome extended level of sophistication
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Lightbulb individual midi note lanes should have solo and mute

individual midi note lanes should have solo and mute

they currently just have mute plus we should be able to automate the on off stae of the mutes and solos on the sequencer window,

plus do add the ability to do program changes to the regroove settings via midi controller lanes
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Originally Posted by cyclic604b33 View Post
we should be able to automate the on off state of the mutes and solos on the sequencer window
That would be neat. I can imagine some decent possibilities out of that.
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when i dump the matrix pattern sequencer data to a midi lane, i want the curve data to also be dumped.

if i could also ask that somehow we could be able to groove quantize midi controller data

the timing of the points on a line in the controller lanes can be used to shape sound and if the timing influences the groove then this is a major oversight.

for instance if we are using the curve data to alter the key parameter in the auto arp, having the controller data groove with the timing of the gate triggers is essential.

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