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Old 2013-09-24, 00:54
veezay veezay is offline
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Visual feedback across rows when cutting segments with razor tool in Comp Mode

The title says it all, really.

You know when you're cutting a segment with a razor tool in comp mode, there are several comp rows in there. When you start cutting, you can see a visual representation of the cursor position (in time) on the current row, but nowhere else. I'd like to see the current cursor position on the other comp rows as well (preferably grayed out somehow).

I often want to cut a silent segment according to some comp row and this feature would really help me decide where to cut the silence. What I currently do is click on the comp row where I'd like the silence to begin and to end, and then double-click the silence row. I know this is a bit nitpicking, but it could seriously help Reason's workflow a bit further.

...unless somebody knows a way to accomplish this already?

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