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Originally Posted by coordination View Post
Apart from random crashes .......

When using Reason I miss not having the abilitiy to create auto velocity ramps / cresendos - i.e selecting some notes (16th snares) and being able to start the vel on e.g 20 and end on 127. Also Sonar's velocity draw tool is the only one I really miss.

Also markers and the Matrix view (like Ableton session view ) - maybe combine the two so you can press record and record your marker jumps (like Traktor hot cues) as your arrangement?

Some sort of Kontakt-esque "Time Machine" dial (I've only got v2 - I guess it's still in the lastest version?) for time stretching individual samples within NN-XT

Also a note pad area and some way of labeling patterns Matrix - a niffty LCD screen would be cool.

Finally a volume threshold activated sample record function like on my first sampler (Roland S330) so you can sample live sources and not miss the start of the sample.
Velocity ramps can be drawn with the pencil tool and the Shift key held down.

+1 to the rest of the suggestions! :-)
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