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Originally Posted by Toomanylions View Post
After doing quite a bit more research on the whole thing I feel like Steinberg technically doesn't 'want' people selling EDU licenses but I'm not seeing any cases where it is denied transfer or anything of that sort. What I am seeing is that educational software IS the full software with a name attached. When I go to the e-licenser resale page, it states... "
  • Log in to your MySteinberg account.
  • On the page "My Products" switch from the 'Software' to the 'eLicensers' view.
  • Click on the entry of the USB-eLicenser that is holding the license you are planning to sell.
  • In the extended entry click on 'Remove USB-eLicenser from Account'.
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking on 'Continue'.
As soon as the deletion has been completed the program can be sold as unregistered software. The re-registration can be made by the new owner and does not differ from the registration of newly purchased Steinberg software."

I have deleted the software AND I even ran a test myself, I made a new steinberg account on my friends laptop, and registered the dongle with the new account successfully. So I am positive that the Cubase 7 full license is on the dongle and it is fully transferable.

edit* I found a good thread on GS about this and I agree Steinberg does not make this very clear, but I am absolutely positive the license will transfer with the dongle.
Well, good luck with your sale, then.
Jon Heal
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