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Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
Guitar Center is the Radio Shack of music stores. don't enter unless you already know what you want, because the people there almost certainly know less than you do..
I'll be your huckleberry. That's just your opinion brother, no need to slander or bad mouth. There are some bad apples I will admit, but that doesn't speak for everyone that works for the company known as Guitar Center. The truth of the matter is........a lot of people enter a Guitar Center and don't know what they are talking about, so they tell the guy at the register that they need this, and that, and they end up with the wrong items. When in reality if they knew what they were talking about the guy at the register would have given them the right items. Like I said, there are some guy's and gals that shouldn't have been given jobs with the company or at least in that line of work, but it's like this anywhere you go, there are alway's bad apples there is no escaping them. But to say " almost certainly know less than you do" brother I will guarantee that I almost certainly could probably take you to school when it comes to audio. So before you wan't to say negative things about people who are just trying to make a living, and survive like most other humans on this planet, maybe you could hold that tongue of yours. Peace be with you.

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