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Originally Posted by selig View Post
Besides the idea of patch points on the front, which I would guess will never happen because then you are restricted from combining them with patch points on the back and therefor the rest of the Reason devices (and they take up valuable real estate on the front), this has exactly been suggested before. I'll refrain from posting my re-rack picture here since I've done it many times in the past! ;-)

Oh yea, +1 again!
Re-Rack. That's the one I was trying to think of. Please by all means post again

Another idea I had was that patch points are on the back but so are the controls. This gets around the front cabling idea & everything is at hand around the back without having to flip the rack often. Or maybe the controls could be duplicated on the reverse side with virtual LED's on the front showing what connections are in use. Not the most elegant solution but one that would be more easily accommodated in the rack as it is & with other devices.

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