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Old 2013-10-14, 14:49
soniclover soniclover is offline
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Reason 6.5.3 total crash (?) and other bugs (?)

Dear Props

Wherever I experience something that feels like a bug I try to make notices. Here some of them:

* This total crash may have been caused by Reason or my system. I try to reconstruct: I was searching for a file (or a patch, I can't remember) on my whole system so I selected "my computer", pressed enter and went to the kitchen. I came back after about 20 minuites, I moved the mouse to reactivate the monitor and I saw that reason didn't start to search 'cause the folder was not exactly specified (or similar). I selected (probably) C: and pressed enter. Immediately, without starting the search, Reason said: "out of memory". I clicked to close the popup and pressed enter again and Reason dissapeared! All of the three open Reason files closed immidiately. It was the first time in about 12 years, that Reason seemed totally have crashed.

* Using the on-screen piano keys: I hold down D,F,H (on a German keyboard), that's the D minor chord. I move my finger from H to G and back to H (for D min - D sus2 - D min) but nothing happens. Only the two lower voices are sounding. Similar problems with a G chord and others. Is that my keyboard or a Reason problem?

* I select the two samples indicated by "select zone via MIDI" on an NN-XT. Holding down ctrl to get the default values I click on root or tune and Reason says: "unknown eception". Repeated several times and nothing happens.

* Using Reason help: I type on the search field exactly what I see on an NN-XT, in this case "k.track" and I get no results. Similarly using a subtractor I type: "kbd. track"--> no results. So I have to go to the devices and search manualy for what I want. There are similar cases on other devices too.

* I used a sustained note of about two bars long and another melody line of eights moving towards the sustained one. As soon as the melody reaches the pitch of the sustained note, the long note stops sounding. I used two different note lines, but it didn't help. I really had to create another one device. If this is not a bug but intentional, then please enable this, so called voice crossing, at least when using two different note lines.

Two more things I'd wish for Reason 6.5.4:
* when using undo please go back and focus to the "undone" point. In complex mixes would be helpful.

* Using zoom: once zoomed please keep the new perspective even when we select another instrument.

Hope that I helped you make Reason even more reliable and intuiutive and easy to use

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