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Old 2013-10-16, 13:49
Grooq Grooq is offline
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excellent techy song - unfortunately not mine

I found this techy song, anyone knows who its producer is? been here on the forum?

I would like to have an appr. 3-day work-together with someone who can produce such songs in Reason. I would of course pay for it as I am on a beginner/intermediate level. I am mostly interested in deep techno/dubtechno and jungle (quite different genres, i know). If someone is on a decent (not necessarily professional of course) level in these genres, experienced in reason and ready to teach me for 3 days, is in central/western/north europe (I am in Budapest) pls let me know. thx
Old 2013-10-16, 20:06
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You could always try to contact the uploader on YouTube. Maybe he is into collab or any kind of exchange.
IchMensch on SoundCloud | Melopsyched
Old 2013-10-24, 07:28
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I could send you some tunes and if you like them I could possibly help you out in the tech house area.

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