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Originally Posted by omshanti20 View Post
Mattias - is it possible to delete the cache without affecting ongoing projects?

I'm sure many Reason users would like a few GB's of extra storage: is it possible to outline the procedure here or perhaps in the blog?

Thank you : )
Originally Posted by MarcSwing View Post
Does it automatically erase/clean up the cache so it wont be more than 20 GB?
How do u erase/clean up the cache? (im on windows 7 64 bit with Reason 7)

And if i delete/clean up cache does it effect my songs/recording i made in reason? for example missing sound etc.
The cache doesn't affect ongoing projects except that it'll take them longer to load. The cache is used to quickly access audio you've previously been working with.

If I remember correctly it automatically cleans out the cache when it's up to the max size.

Originally Posted by sinnerfire View Post
Well it seems that you can't express how you feel about a piece of hardware (P.C) round here but you can opening swear at people?

Glad to know everyone gets the same treatment round here Mattias.
I actually missed that (I only have so much time checking posts sadly), but that's not cool. Please don't TFC, ok?

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