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Originally Posted by juno106user View Post
Starts pretty quick but sounds good right away. Mix sounds pretty good, kick really comes through. Your keyboards are very typical trance music sounding but I imagine that's what you want. You have a build up around 1:45 that is a little boring, needs more layers to make it more interesting. The drop is pretty good though. Over all, I think that it's a good track but just needs a few more sounds to make it more interesting. even a few random sound elements that delay on every 8 or 16 bars so that the mind has something to drift off with as the beat and the keyboards keep the track going.
Good track though..
Thanks It's not finished yet, I know I have to add more synths, effects etc.. There's a longer intro but that would only be basic Club Mix intro like Kick,Clap, Loop etc..I just wanted to cut to the chase for a preview, but thanks for your advice! Much appreciated.

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