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Originally Posted by 444nd View Post
Good all around choice of sounds for the style--especially with regards to the percussion. Can see Juliana's comment about "Metro" being appropriate.

Really dig the distorted, grungy sounding synth at 0:49.

Mix sounds good. Nice job.
Thanks I'm going to look up "Metro" this weekend, see what that's about.
I used Kuassa Vermillion for the distortion utilising its tremolo and reverb. I thought it might be a love it or hate it choice of sound, so I'm glad you like it at least

Originally Posted by torusflow View Post
I'll be honest man at first I thought the intro was kinda cheesy but then @19 seconds it just starts getting better and better, building into a very cool melody and then @50 seconds... Wow. I can't get enough of the sweet sounds in here now. Beautiful piece.
Also- sounds good on my computer speakers. Fitting ambiance and panning. Maybe a tad muddy in the midrange. Please don't take that wrong cuz I'm not one of those people who only listen to music on crappy speakers and complain. I know and love my little powered computer speakers. In fact I listen to pro music on them all the time and even mix on them, aside from my Rokit 5's. I guess you could say they are my 2nd reference monitors, more for midrange mixing for now, until I get these bad boys:
You make some new sounds I've never heard. Good job, Tincture.
Thanks! I know what you mean about the cheese thing, I hope I narrowly avoided it, maybe I didn't, but I like the feel of the track so it doesn't really matter to me . This came together in about 4 hours so there possibly is a bit of mud there. I came back to it the next day and started tweaking and it seemed to lose something so I reverted back to the day b4 version. I'm hoping to get an album together for a Bandcamp page at some point so if this makes the grade (probably not) I'll sort out any issues then.

Thanks for listening and for giving good feedback, it does really help to know what people think!
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