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Originally Posted by normen View Post
Lets see how much of a game it is to you when you have to earn your own money or some day pay for all your illegal software cause you try to make money using it and get the police at your door... Also people steal not just money but also products, like iPhones, TVs etc. But you're right, this is just the internet, I can call you a mindless idiot and it has no effect whatsoever.
And lots of people are using Windows for making money & all cool, free activated Windows, naturally!

I think those who cares about so called "pirates" & about all that stuff are already in such a mental mess that they forgot about real reality!

Plus really if talk about only me, I don't give a shit about "piracy" whatsoever, human World has a lot more serious problems than all that computer crap!

I always laughing at those news about cyber wars n stuff, it's ridiculous shit, people are just gone mad by fighting about intangible shit!

Unfortunately people are so absorbed in that virtual reality that they would care more about "illegal" downloads than about real problems like hunger for instance - why bother about real problems when you can police forums by saying that using of so called "pirated" software, primarily Windows is bad & so on!

And all those spoiled freaks with iPads & iPhones don't even think about real problems, tho they think every day which new useless app to buy!

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