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Old 2013-11-01, 10:09
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Originally Posted by MrROUSH View Post
Well, firstly I think this is an excellent song and concept.. I really enjoyed it even though I'm not a fan of the genre..


There's a lot to like about the arrangement and the chord progression and lyrics.. this feels very musical, but I do have to say the drums sound a little too "reason"... maybe put a flanger and some parallel comp and verb on them?

In deed, it's a nice track with a great concept!

About the drums... if you have to use a loop, then try to separate the individual drum elements (at least try to reparate kick, snare+toms, hihats+cymbals), using filters, EQ, and multiple channels. That will give you much better control over the sound and "punchyness" ;-)

However, having separate drum samples and playing them with MIDI tracks would be the better way to get full control, and also not to sound like a preset.

A bigger drum setup with separate channels for everything can be complex, but also so much fun to work with Here's something that I use, made from a Reason Drum Kits 2.0 kit:

3D Graphics Software Developer
...but into music:

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