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Originally Posted by selig View Post
I'll take the opposite side of this argument, based on what a few mastering engineers have told me: use the highest bit and sample rate you can for generating the compressed files.

I'm not talking about choosing the highest possible rates when you begin your project, I'm talking about looking at each project and exporting at the highest rates that make sense for that project.

For example, if you're recording your audio tracks at 44.1 kHz, then it doesn't make sense to export at a higher sample rate. But definitely export at the highest bit rate you can and use that master to generate the compressed files if you're doing this step yourself.

That being said, I ALWAYS speak directly to the folks requesting the audio files (record label, remixer, mastering engineer) and give them what THEY want! When in doubt, send two versions that are VERY clearly labeled.

To be clear, in re-reading the original post, the OP asked two questions: exporting to Beatport and submitting files to a label. For a service like Beatport etc., follow their online directions. For a label, follow my above advice and ask them specifically what they want from you (and deliver it!). :-)
Good point. Makes complete sense to export into the same sample/bit rate that you started in and to export at what your desired target requests. I think Beatport has the same requirements as TuneCore (44.1; 16). Never had to deal with a traditional label (thankfully)...
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