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Old 2013-11-03, 16:58
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Originally Posted by 3rdFloorSound View Post
There aren't any ways that come to mind for the first issue unless the notes were above or below a certain velocity, meaning that if all the duplicates and mistakes were low-velocity, that section of the sequencer would look like this: |.|.|||.||||.|.|
If that's the case, you can select them all in the velocity section, then hold Control and drag a box around all the notes you want to keep at once, deselecting them. Then press the delete key.

I don't know that any program I've used will play midi beginning at the center of a note, because the trigger happens at the start point.
Thanks 3rdFloorSound.
First item. Yes, tried the velocity approach in the past for that very need to isolate by velocity, but in this case, the short notes are right up there in velocity, so they are hidden in that sense. I'm forced to do a lot of locating/clicking these short notes, delete, and often move the neighboring note into the right place (or quantize them into place after the clean up). There should be an option to select such small notes, determine what is a "small note", and either delete, or adjust those notes to some length, and perhaps even modify their velocity.

Second item. Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Logic, and Studio One come to mind.
Yes, the note on is at the beginning, but what evidently occurs by a "play existing note at loop start" is the sequencer sees in the code is any note passed through "loop start" and then actuates a play note at that part of the loop start (per time line start) and finish out the length of that midi note (at note off), and really any additional info the note proves such as pitch, or automation as well.
Love Reason on a whole for its instruments and I'll add these items to my next FR to hopefully see this gets added to the sequencer.

Thanks again. Really appreciate your response. Saves me from looking further. : )

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