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Originally Posted by J24Keys View Post
Please, somehow, work together with VSL to bring Vienna Ensemble support to Rack Extensions. Many like me have invested tens of thousands of dollars into AU/VST plugins. For this reason I barely use Reason, even though I upgrade. This has been the case since v3.

The ability to stream audio from a plugin host like Vienna Ensemble is an epic move and potentially great partnership. I can bet money that your user base nearly double.

I spoke to VSL when Reason first announced Rack Extensions. Their claim was that PropellerHead's requirements made it impossible. I'd really like the team to look closely at this one.

There are few Vienna Ensemble users here, few who ever heard of it, but there are users on other communities who would be very interested.
I've heard about it. I hear about it all the time. Folks I work with in theatre mention it and often have to go to other people who have the library to get what they need. I, using only Reason and not wanting to ReWire anything, am not asked to work on those things because I don't have the libraries. Miroslav, Euphonic, Orkester, and stuff in the FSB decent-to-pretty good, but not good enough.

I think I made this exact same request when REs got announced—if it seems like too big of a jump for a developer, it would be great if Propellerhead could do something to partner with them and help behind the scenes. We need some kind of orchestral industry standard in the Reason rack.

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