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Originally Posted by selig View Post
I've never quite come to grips with comp mode, despite writing about for a Record U article (shame on me). It's just never quite 'flowed' for me, that's all. Combine that with the fact that I'm used to other DAW's approach which I find more fluid and takes far fewer keystrokes.

All in all, I'd love it if Reason had more consistency across the interface. For example, in the sequencer Audio and Note tracks should work as much the same as possible IMO. If note tracks have lanes, then audio tracks should have lanes as well, etc.

Additionally, I would love it if the next version of Reason required far fewer keystrokes overall, especially for repetitive tasks.

Of course I don't like modal editing either, where you can't see any other tracks when editing one. I often need to see other audio and/or note tracks when editing. This modal approach to editing won't cut it when Reason adds Edit Groups (please!), since you need to see all the tracks in the group when editing the group.

If these three areas were addressed properly, this app would be absolutely killer IMO!

+1 for the original posters feature.
I totally agree audio and midi tracks "should work as much the same as possible".
As I've just purchased Pro Tools 11 I soon realized how far behind Reason's editing features are and how much easier/fluent Pro Tools is for editing.

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