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You have some cool sounds.. I don't like that wobbly dub step bass you drop in though, way too cliche.. Your mix is pretty good, the various elements in the track come out pretty good as a whole. I have a feeling that the dub step bass is really the "hook" here and I'm calling it cliche.. I don't know but too much of a good thing is making me not want the wub wub these days!! Cool track but it is not making me want to stand up and sit down.. perhaps some separation between parts in your arrangement. I am starting to notice in my own tracks that having an abrupt ending like you have is only cool if you want to make your artsy friends happy. In the real world, people want a song that ends more musically, either a nice long fade out or something that dials back before the end so the brain can anticipate things happening a bit before they do. Just stopping the track on 1 note before allowing the listener to prepare for the ending is a difficult thing to attemp!

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