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Rave Sampling Query

Hi, I\m trying to recreate thie song (from the above link) on Reason 6.5. It's one of my favourite songs from the old skool rave generation days of 1990/91/92.

In this tune, 3 songs are sampled:-

1) The vocal sample, from Dee.D.Jackson's 'Automatic Lover'.

Comes in at 1:13 here:-

2) The bassline, originally done on guitar, but this time on a synthesizer, but the bassline from Human League's 'The Lebanon'.

3) The beat/drums, from Intelligent Hoodlum's 'Arrest the President'.

and 4 other things are going on in the track that I can pick out:-

1) The sound that pans from right to left think it is, sounds like an F1 racing car (if anyone could enlighten me how this can be achieved, is it another sample, or is it a sound say from the Roland Alpha Juno or the Roland W40 Workstation perhaps?).

2) At 1:35, there's also a pitch bended synth sound. Again, does anyone know where I can find it?

3) The "Is there anybody out there" robotic vocal, heard at 1:31.

and 4) The sound at 3:43, hard to describe, a sparkly synthy sound, dunno.

Anyway, gonna try and recreate the bass sound myself on the Subtractor. Malstrom or Thor and play it in myself. The other elements I'm gonna use the actual samples if I can get them. Do you think that the makers of this song got an acapella of the vocal? it is so crisp and clear with no background noise. I've been told this is nigh on impossible to achieve? and hopefully there is a break of the drum beat I can sample in that song, haven't checked yet.

Also, could the "Is there anybody out there" vocal be achieved on Reason perhaps with the pulverisiser or neptune pitch adjuster or vocodoer or something anyway?

Anyone that can help, the help would be greatly appreciated. It's gonna be my hobby to recreate several of these old skool rave tracks as a hobby.

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