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Old 2013-11-16, 22:13
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Question Posting my first track - feedback needed

Hi there,

I have been watching these forums for quite some time, but never got to actually contributing to this forum. I have already been learning a lot here already, so a big thank you to the PUF community.

This track I made is downtempo, which is not what I am used to make, as you may notice I you listen to my other tracks on my SoundCloud page. I would love to know what you think. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!

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Old 2013-11-17, 09:50
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Hello sounds pretty good to me. I like the rich textures you have going on but most important thing I can say is bring the drums out more. I would also like to hear more sub-bass content in the mix too. Just my two cents. I did feel a connection with the track and it was really nice.
Old 2013-11-17, 21:24
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Thanks 3xtric4t3, I appreciate your feedback. I tried getting feedback from friends and relatives but all I got back was the usual friendly commentary and trying not to hurt my feelings. So your feedback really helps in getting some independent reviews! Anybody had a listen and wants to chip in?
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Old 2013-11-18, 03:47
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From a mood or emotional standpoint, you nailed it. This track is spot on in terms of how it works as whole. I do agree with 3xtric4t3 that something about the kick drum is unsatisfying. I think it sounds slightly hollow. However, the snare that hits on the 3rd beat of every other measure sounds perfect. I think it's just a matter of finding a better kick to compliment the snare.

Just my
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Old 2013-11-18, 13:36
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That's a beautiful track! Very uplifting!
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