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Originally Posted by spktkpkt View Post
I don't think it's Propellerheads fault and i also welcome the decision to drop Windows XP support. As already said, Windows XP is very old now and even Microsoft finally drops the support for it. Try a search for "reason 7 system requirement" and the first you should get is this link:

I've used Windows 7 and now use Windows 8.1, IMO both versions are better than Windows XP. Windows 8 looks different at the first glance, but trust me, it isn't that much like it seems. Especially if you use Windows 8.1, it is possible to boot straight to the desktop, list all applications on the "Start" page by default, have a fast way to launch common system applications (right click on the "Windows start button". In most cases i use WIN+q to launch applications or access files (this will show up the search which is really handy and works surprisingly well). So if you're not totally against Windows 8, I would recommend it to you.

By the way, the system requirements for Windows 7 and 8 are identical.
Win 7:
Win 8/8.1:

thanx for info tips

to fill in the gaps, here's how

Yes Im ok with 8.1 now and its pretty slick (i believe you can run XP progs on it as well, though havent tried this yet - still trying to get the cigarette lighter to work


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