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Old 2002-08-01, 12:08
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Everyone who has trouble installing SoundBank discs...

...please write to and give an account of your experiences. The most important info is *** make and model of your CD drive ***, this goes for both Mac and PC users.

I will handle Propellerhead's tech support for the next two weeks and I'm going to write a report about known issues with 2.0. I need to make a list of all CD drives that have trouble reading the 2.0 discs so that we can test it properly. We haven't seen this problem first hand on the 20+ machines in the office so it would be great to get the name of one or two 'trouble drives'.

To summarize:

subject: CD trouble

- Mac or PC
- Operating system
- Which disc(s) is/are not installing correctly
- What brand and model is the CD drive

Thanks in advance.

Old 2002-08-03, 07:16
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Re: Everyone who has trouble installing SoundBank discs...

I already emailed in my encounter and fix for this on my PC.

but for anyone reading, Plextor 12/10/32A doesn't like any of the Reason 2 discs at all...

You may get lucky if you upgrade the firmware for the drive, however the only way I got around this was buy buying another CD ROM drive.

LiteOn and Sony CD ROMs don't seem to have any issues.

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