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Old 2002-08-20, 00:41
lucille lucille is offline
Join Date: Sep 2001
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REDRUM velocity modifier fx controls question

The are 3 different velocity related modifiers
in redrum channels. My recollection is:

1&2: velocity effects tone

3,4,5,8,9: velocity effect start point

6,7: velocity effects pitch bend rate

Are these modifiers appropriate to specific hit types?
tone works well with bass and snare, as does
start point. Bend rate is a little funky.

These are great controls, and I wish they weren't
fixed by layout. I also wish Redrum had a
"label" over the the patch names so you could
label drum by type (ie, bass, cabasa, etc).
Old 2002-08-20, 06:59
djmach3 djmach3 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2001
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Re: REDRUM velocity modifier fx controls question

:. Bend rate is a little funky.
Never tried that on a kick. I'm going to try that now.

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