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Old 2002-10-16, 16:11
dries dries is offline
Join Date: Mar 2002
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AAAAGGGHHHH damn reason enige alias in system folder!

why the god damn fuxx do you prop guys do this to me. i spent soooooo many of my expensive time to find out this damn info:

reason engine must be in reason folder but!!! you must have an alias of the reason engine in the system extension on mac to make rewire work!

so now it finaly works

maybe to put this somewhere on top in the support files god damn it!

Old 2013-09-16, 16:54
djexcel djexcel is offline
Join Date: Nov 2010
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I can no longer open my record files as i get "Unable to resolve alias". Please advise!!
Old 2013-09-16, 17:00
DjVinnie91 DjVinnie91 is offline
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Holy shiet this is old
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Old 2013-09-16, 17:02
jengstrom jengstrom is offline
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Nice bump of a 11 year old thread.

The message means you are opening something referring to an Alias (a "link" file type on Mac that behaves like a clone of a file in another location).

Does the error message contain any further information?
Does it open the document anyway if you proceed?
Are the document files themselves aliases?
Have you removed any disks from the system?

It's possible that the documents were saved referring to some sounds using aliases, and you have now removed the location they pointed to from your system.
Old 2013-09-16, 21:57
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No one can blame you for not searching before posting! Good work sir!

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