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Old 2002-12-18, 16:50
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Reason = profesional tool... yes and now (very long )

well for some time i wondered why reason cannot be used for orchestral composing. Reason got one hell of the cpu friendly code and imagine popoing up nn19 and xl samplers. If we took for example Miroslav Vitous strings ensemble, programs are made only in one layer
so no velocity switching. Vitous libaries was used maaaaaany times for scoring film music. Actualy it can be used dry cos strings and ohter instruments are positioned in their natural left right placing. So im asking myself and all of you out there what is the stop sing and limit not to use reason. As i recall even Chief of spetrasonics ( syhphony of voices etc.) said that reason is the thing but he missed veloctiy swithcing and that is available in reason 2.0 xt sampler.

I saw in list of zimmer equipment also reason, and Charlie Cluser is using reason and live daily to compose music for tv series (he mix in pro tools).

I think time for reason is right here and now. I rember always saying i want to do this and that on computer and all in one simple place. Well if we take nn19 for exampler what do we get. It has never been easier to make and try out samples (for pads leads etc). and also listing patches is a breeze.

I think refill format is wonderfull thing. Ok its still hard job to transfer akai to .smp format of nn19. Dont say soundfont 2. Yes cdxtract can make soundfonts but did u try to make 100 sf2 programs and list them. You have to get inside the sound font file. You cannot just press continusly down arrow to switch betwen patches. This is big down. Refill packer actualyy pack aiff and wav samples at least 50 percent or more. But no sf2 compressing. It just make refills. I think this is due the native sf2 format. Just imagine all that sound moduls we dreamed some years back. You can have now all this in refill format. And considering the one file thing this is also great for storing things. Why just having 1000 of samples on disk make the hard disk defrag nightmare. But with refill u have one file thingy. Its a pain job to make your own nn19 and xt patches but it rewarding in time you come to use them. This is probably the fastest way to surf patches.

I tried all from halion, kontakt etc. But friendlines of reasons samplers specialy nn19 imho is just amazing. And it even remindes you on akai legendary samplers. (anyone rember akai s1000 emutaion from that italian guy on pc nigthmareeeeeeee).

As much as i start to think and rethink and compare in using reason to logic , cubase, nuendo protools sonar, fruity loops i always come back to same point. R E A S O N.

If we see it from practical point of view reason is one hell of the instrument. Lots of folks trying to find its foults. Ok every thing got them but look at what you get with reason. Its a dream come through. I understand now and dont envy a thing to all the awards props are getting. They deserved them. And also after reading this month SOS interview with props team (specialy chief) i understand what they saying. Man those are really different folks. You can compare attitude to Brian Clavinger (absynth programer). They even answer publicly the things we see in most of the wishes on the forum. straight and simple. My dear musicans go there and read this article it will make you understand what you have.

I wish myslef that reason will incorporate some nice eq (algoritms) and more quality effects. But as i said before. Today so many folks are using this program (and they dont waste time to bash and attack on the board) and they simple make music and not moaning.

For example classical score can be totaly made with high quality samples (akai or other formats) and then you just do good master. All of you who works hard with reason know what a difference it make if you use top quality samples. It change it totaly.

And also in scoring matter imagine even on ibook u can get like 20 nn19 sampler and how much more on powerbook or other machines.

If we take a look ate hardware unit on the top of the reason rack. Why the hell 4 x 16 banks. Just like that. I dont think so. And also if u want to mix outside you can get some multi output card and use intruments outputs directly without reason mixer.

I think that lots of people in professional world has discover reason possibility and lot of them not jet. I know people from dance scene who ranks in top 5 djs. And guess what they use for making tracks while on the road powerbook and reason. Also if u look at Kanzleramt artist (Kowalski, Desantis) they also using reason. I spoked with Dennis Desantis and he said that he used mainly reason to make tracks. He then rewire it to nuendo. Also he mentioned that reason effects are week link ( i know u working on this props) but he likes delay quite much.

So why im taking so much time to do this typing. First to calm myself down and to help others who are in desperate seeking of the right thing. It comon today to think if i just get this plugin and this program i could make best tracks. It never stops. I spend 3 years on pc to try out the every bloody program and plugin. And then reason came. I didnt even thought it is all that great at first (and what a hype was waitning for it).

But the picture is getting clearer. What props are giving us is the tool and instrument that can be used today. Not all folks have the best computer setups. Reason is friendly also to low spec computers.

Ok and if we look at rps song format. Sharing is good thing actualy great. I mean if someone is nice and want to show how he achived that sound (or good mixing) why not. And on the other hand if u do have your own refills and sounds... you just dont share them its easy ...

One thing i can say. I owned synth workstations from early 90 and samplers in 90s. Reason can compare with stability to them. It got foults but props adress them openly. Try doing this with some GREAT hardware and software companies. Belive i tried as much as others.

Also reason can be straight forward or modular as it gets . THe patching scheme is amazing. If u want simple to do your music and catch the inspiration while it last. No bummer. Pop up the mixer and few sampler, synths and voila. No other program is so quick in capture of the ideas. At least for me.

And with all the refills that are coming out and are there allready uff this is heaven. And as mentioned before for all the akai lovers we got sf2 import or manually.

For me using computers is like daily walk. I started in early 80 with sinclar zx81 if somebody rember this. I have to say for me macintosh + osx + reason (and also Native instruments and live) are revoltuions that we are waited for. If u are computer freak like me (zx81, spectrum, c64, amiga , pc pc pc , mac ) and music lover this is it.

I think we should all just stop and look solbery what we do have and start using it.

Future is now or there never be no future that satisfied us. And for me and many reason is season

hope i inspired some of you guys and specialy myself...

Old 2002-12-18, 17:35
mrtn mrtn is offline
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Re: Reason = profesional tool... yes and now (very long )

Nice post you can count on my fullest support after writing something as good and thought over as this.

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Martin (843)
Old 2002-12-18, 19:29
imagison imagison is offline
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Re: Reason = profesional tool...

Yes i found myself the power of reason doin' an orchestral track...i use only the sample from the orkester cd and it's the first i've done...and i found myself doing something that was really close to the real i know that if you got good samples and a good ear you can make something really special.

here the song
Old 2002-12-18, 19:52
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Re: Reason = profesional tool... yes and now (very long )

thanx Martin...

well i want to write about this for some time but never took the time and guts ... so here it is...

its a lot more to tell but some other time...

Old 2002-12-18, 19:59
amitopia amitopia is offline
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Re: Reason = profesional tool... yes and now (short )

Hi miziq,

I agree with your message. I also remember the Sinclair. Are there many Macs in Slovenia?

Regards, ell
Old 2002-12-18, 22:01
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Re: Reason = profesional tool... yes and now (short )

hey man... how do u know im in slovenia

well most of the guys in music biz are on macs. My best friend from Random Logic has poisioned my heart with macs. But also major gfx and pro photo firms got it. And whole net of renault shops and services got them.

Pc is still major but you know were is the home of macs

Old 2002-12-18, 22:06
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imagison.... great well this is what i call music. Great !

finnaly somebody done it well. For a change tis feels like real orhchestra and not just sweet thingy you mostly get. What i love about classical music is deep feelings that music can evolve in our heart. Man just keep on like this...

Old 2002-12-18, 22:11
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Re: Reason = profesional tool...

if you can get your hands on Syberia. Im no gammer never vas but this game have such a deep music and atmosphere that makes you cry.

music is colaboration betwen french and russian composer.
Old 2002-12-18, 23:15
chiisu chiisu is offline
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Re: Reason = profesional tool... yes and now (short )

i agree. most of my songs now primarily rely on the nn-xt and orkester samples, simply because of the sound quality.

= chiisu
Old 2002-12-19, 02:59
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Re: Reason = profesional tool... yes and now (very long )

:Nice post you can count on my fullest support after writing something as good and thought over as this.
:Merry christmas and a happy new year!
:Martin (843)

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