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Old 2003-03-20, 02:21
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emi 2/6 with Reason 2 problems OS10.2.4 Audio Midi Setup....

Hi!...I'm running a 500mhz tibook with 512mb ram....emi2/6, emagic mt4 midi interface....

with Reason 2....problems encountered when I wanna change audio output channels (ie. instead of only 2/2 output channels, change it to 6/6 in order to use the other available channels).....I go to the Audio Midi Setup utility in OSX, make sure the EMI is the desired audio 6 channels audio (44khz)..then close the utility.....load up Reason...go into Preferences/Audio....when I go to change the audio channels where it says "6/6" available....Reason crashes seems I can only run it with "2/2" channels running.......things worked a little better in OS10.2.2, but were still tricky trying to change output far, OS9 seems to be the surest thing....anyone else have this problem....or shed some light on the Audio Midi Setup Utility in OSX????

Thanks in advance!
Old 2003-03-20, 10:46
alonv alonv is offline
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Re: emi 2/6 with Reason 2 problems OS10.2.4 Audio Midi Setup....

Hi - I've reported this as a bug to the props (2.0 - 2.5 also).
My workaround - keep the AudioMidi utility open, switch to 6 channels, open reason, go to the utility and change back the 'channels' to 6.
This works.
Remember - keep the audiomidi utility open all the time, otherwise you'll get the crash.
hope this helps.

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