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I just bought Reason and I'm having a MIDI trigger delay problem. I have a simple setup -- I've hooked my MIDI keyboard controller directly to my computer USB port (with a MIDI to USB adapter/interface) and I'm monitoring the mix through headphones connected to my computer's 1/8" output. When I select a MIDI device in Reason and I trigger the sound with my MIDI keyboard controller, there is about a 90 msec delay between when I trigger the sound and when I hear it through my headphones? This is really frustrating when I'm trying to lay down tracks? What can I do?
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This is quite normal and commonly referred to as audio latency. What you perceive as a midi delay is actually an audio delay. There are several ways to fix this, but it would be a lot easier if you first told us what audio card you're using.

Man I am so impressed with Microsoft speech recognition - I dictated this entire message, it got every single word right and the only thing I had to type manually was midi!


(stupid american spelling, it's "Fredrik")
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lowering buffer size...


as an additional info to blank's post:
try playing back a track, then (while reason is playing) go to your preferences - audio
there move down the slider for your buffer size as far as the sound is still sounding good (so that the output isn't "cracking" or something).
i've reached an acceptable delay time by doing this.

good luck
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Re: lowering buffer size...

:Thanks kero - you're suggestion worked! There still is a minute delay but much more manageable than before. I found that I still had to go in and quantize the performance to make it fall in the pocket. I also found it a bit difficult to do solos on the midi controller b/c they weren't exactly right on time -- and I wouldn't necessarily want to quantize a solo b/c it would lose that human feel. Do you have any suggestions? The best I can think of now is to shift the entire solo by a few milliseconds (which I haven't learned to do yet, but hoping is simple). That's a bit of a pain. Do you have any other suggestions?

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Re: lowering buffer size...

Well, you didn't say what soundcard you have but I'm guessing it's a Soundblaster or similar, and in that case your means of eliminating latency are limited. With a good ASIO compatible card you can get down to around 3 milliseconds.

You can try the DirectX ASIO drivers, that might help you to get something like 10-15 ms latency. Do the following:

Go to

Download the Cubase SX demo and install. (You don't really need Cubase but you need its drivers)

When you go into Reason Preferences, you will now see a driver alternative called "ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver". Select it. Click on the Control Panel button below. In the Direct Sound Output box, double-click the 2048 value and change it to 512 (you usually can't get any lower).

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Re: lowering buffer size...

If you own a Soundblaster Live you might wanna check out the KX drivers which got my late SBLive down to 5 ms!!!! with dedicated ASIO drivers. The KX ones realy rule. They also have a great mixer. You can patch it up completely and use many effects and such.

Check it out :

KX Project
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Re: lowering buffer size...

:I'm currently using a laptop with a Pentium 3, 1GHz processor with 256MB of RAM and just using the built-in sound driver, which is a DX SoundMAX Digital Audio Driver. I'm monitoring on headphones from the 1/8" sound output on the back of my laptop (the basics). I probably will try blank's/Fred's idea to get an ASIO driver from the Cubase demo (great thinking) and see how that affects latency. I'm basically learning Reason now, upgrading from my old system which was Mac Quadra 800 with 2 SampleCell cards, 14 channel mixer, 2 Alesis effects boxes, Alesis ADAT and Opcode Studio Vision for sequencing -- I know I know -- way behind the times, but it worked! Now that I have Reason though, I can't go back. I plan to buy a Mac G4 dual processor off of ebay relatively soon and am looking at the MOTU 828. I'll let you all know how the ASIO driver from the demo works out and I'd love to hear your comments about my near future setup plans.


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