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Hey, what's a good reason refill?

I just bought the 160db. It's good but maybe outdated?

I'm interested in the ambient texture refill from zero g?

Anybody have it?

Also, what about the sonic reality Reason refill? I know that they make good samples, anyone have one yet?

Basically, I'm looking for good acoustic instrument refills along with spacey, ambient pads/sounds!!

BTW, when will the utility for converting akai samples to reason be made available?

Also, I have heard of a program called "translator" wich can convert all sample fomats to others. I hear that you can convert e-mu samples for use into the Reason samplers?

Oh, I heard of a rumour that Propellerheads are thinking or trying to impliment VST use in Reason, this would kick severe butt, any info on this?
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If yer lookin for a "today" version of 160dB, ya might want to look at prototype. As for ambient textures, I don't have it myself but a friend of mine does and I can tell you it's aces!!!evertyhing from the beautiful pads to creepy percussion hits.As for the vst thing...i woudn't hold my breath.
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Re: Pads (& others) here ( FREE ) :

Enjoy !
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Re: Pads (& others) here ( FREE ) :

:Enjoy !

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