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Reason to Logic Advice needed!

Howdy folks,
Have just started getting into Logic. However as i make all my music in Reason and have no need to change this, i just want to know one thing.
I will be exporting my Reason Wave file and then improting it into Logic. Then i will be recording my rapping in Logic. What i want to know is, do you think it is better, to export each sequencer track seperately from Reason or export it all together??
Does anyone do this?? How do you do it??
Also if anyone records rapping in Logic, do you know any good techniques to make the rapping sound professional. Any FX, Mixing techniques etc which the pros use with the vocal track. Would love to know these things
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Re: Reason to Logic Advice needed!

If you're happy with the way your track sounds as it is then I don't see why you shouldn't just export your reason track as one file, record your vocals in Logic, then master.

If you think you might want to tweak the track further in Logic (use logics eq's, compressor, fx etc) then it would be preferable to export each track individually. To do this just solo each track on reasons mixer one by one and export. Then import each file onto a seperate audio track in Logic.

Alternatively, if you are using Logic 6, I'd suggest you use rewire as this will ultimately give you the most flexability.
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Re: Reason to Logic Advice needed!

Hi Deep,

I'm wondering if Rewire & Logic (or any other sequencer) would let me record multiple MIDI tracks simultaneously. For example, say I want to record a track for a subtractor, and a track for an effect device, using seperate controllers that are on different midi channels, or even different midi busses. I know I set up reason for live performance this way, but not record it with the single sequencer track. I want to be able to record the tweaking of fx while recording the instrument performance. So, I guess I need to use Rewire to do this?

- ell
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Re: Reason to Logic Advice needed!

Hi ell,

I've never tried doing this myself so maybe it would be best to post this question over at Sonikmatter. I don't see why it wouldn't work though, as all midi data would be recorded into Logic and not reasons sequencer. Reason would just be reading the midi data through rewire as you play (and record) in Logic. I'd be interested to hear how it goes...



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