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Good cheap drum kits

Hey I am looking for a nice drum kit with good sound. I am new to all this, so could anyone tell me the major differences between the big kits that look "acoustic" and the little ones that fit on your desk?

Also i would appreciate suggestions on different brands, price range 600 USD.


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Re: Good cheap drum kits

I assume you mean electronic drums? Obviously $600 limits you, but you might want to look into PinTech - They're comparatively inexpensive.
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Re: Good cheap drum kits

Good cheap acoustic kit!
I am a drummer, I believe in my purchase.
Yamaha Manu Katche Hipgig Jr. sans hardware is around $400.00. Good luck! If you mean drum machine...hmm...Korg Electribe ER1 for developing your own drum sounds, or buy an MC303 or a Yamaha drum machine...


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