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New Track: Arena...Feedback Desired!

I have just posted a new track called "Arena" under the SigmaDeltaPi moniker. Please, check it out and give a response.

Thank You,
Download "Arena"
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Re: New Track: Arena...Feedback Desired!

Is that your House or what? Anyways i like the ideas going on here however, the cohesiveness of those ideas is a bit suspect. I think some arrangement issues should be adressed to give the track better flow. But solid & fresh ideas none the less.
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Re: New Track: Arena...Feedback Desired!

Hey fpoole,

Just checkin' your track, got me gripped as soon as it starts, love that dark synth!
My personal thought would be to have the main kickin' part slightly longer, and maybe bring it back in later in the track, just because it kicks ass!

Like it


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